About Us


Mr. James Williams, Jr. has been in the farming business for all of his life, growing up on his family's farm in Live Oak, Florida.  In 1977, Mr. Williams was inspired to open Tri-County Irrigation, Inc., North Florida's premier Valley Irrigation dealer. 

          For the past 42 years, Mr. Williams and the Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. team have been serving the farming communities of Florida and Georgia.

Mr. Williams is active in the daily operations of Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. and is proud to be joined by his two sons, Eric and J.D. in the family business. 

Our Mission

                       "We design each system for maximum efficiency to conserve both energy and water."


"We strive to provide customers with premier irrigation solutions. We will be the leader in technology and conservation, while providing outstanding service and parts to our valued customers. 

We will always put our customers first."