Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. 

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¨ Valley Center Pivots

¨ Valley Linears

¨ Valley Precision Corners

¨ Valley Base Station and Monitor Controls

¨ Agri-Link Moisture Sensors and Monitors

¨ AgSense Monitoring Devices

¨ Goulds Pumps

¨ Rainbow Products

¨ Lima Mac Generators

¨ Pierce and Gheen Products

¨ Vaughn Chopper Pumps and Floaters

¨ All types of Control Boxes and VFD Controls

¨ All types of Electrical Wire

Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. carries a complete line of irrigation supplies and parts for all makes and models of pivots travelers, and pumps.  We also have the latest in field technology to lay out all sizes and shapes of fields for pivots, linears, solid set, drip, and travelers.  We service all makes and models of irrigation pivots as well as irrigation pumps. 


Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. 

Tri-County Irrigation, Inc. 

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